"I knew next to nothing about Auckland or moving internationally for that matter. Our company had enlisted Sandy Evans to help with finding homes and generally helping us settle into life in New Zealand.
Sandy immediately determined what I wanted in the way of housing in New Zealand. She helped me understand the options available in Auckland and the pros and cons of each option. I ended up on the  North Shore in a house that was perfect for me and my life style. She made sure that I understood that the bridge into the city would be a challenge as far as traffic was concerned. Sandy helped me to make informed decisions that maximized my enjoyment of Auckland.
After handling the real estate, Sandy helped me furnish and outfit the house. She guided me to the stores that met both my budget and taste. It would have taken months for me to figure this out and she was able to do this in a short period of time.
My overall experience with Sandy was very good and I would recommend her to anyone moving to New Zealand."

Gene Van Slyke

"Sandy Evans has made a significant contribution to the market entry strategy of Bell Canada International when we entered New Zealand to start Clear Communications.
Sandy was responsible for securing housing and managing all of the logistics associated with supporting fifty or more ex-pat households coming into country. Sandy was wonderful to deal with, very professional in her business affairs, tireless in her support and empathy for the expats in the emotional process of international re-location. It was a great pleasure working with Sandy and wish her continued success in the future."

Sean Howe

Former Vice President, Business Development, Bell Canada and part of the development team of Clear Communications.